Friday, 6 July 2018

Transforming Suffering into Holy Teachings

In nature there is a law that keeps working. He who touches water will get wet, anyone who touches fire will be burnt. In Eastern philosophy, this law is called the law of karma. This law also causes human beings to be reborn again and again. Especially because for most common people, they were born because they still have karmic debts. Sadly, many people do not pay back their karmic debt, instead they create new karmic debts.

The Thrown Away Gift

Any anxious souls bring a stench that could be easily sensed by anyone whose meeting them. It shows that the related person has been keeping way too many negative inner conversation. As one of the signs, nearly all these restless souls tend to always refer themselves as a “victim”, and define whoever whom hurt them as the “enemy”.
Year after year, starting from childhood to teenagehood, teenagehood to adulthood, adulthood to elderhood, nearly all inner conversations involve the constant battle between the victim and the enemy. Although the appearance of the enemy keep on changing, yet, from time to time, the inner quarrelling has never been stopped.

Healthy and Holy Body

Having encountered thousands of suffering friends in meditation sessions, it is very clear that their light is getting darker and darker. Without substantial change in lifestyle, those bodies which are very poor of light will step into the land of suffering. To facilitate spiritual friends, here are some materials of reflections.
Many people who complain, when they wake up in the morning, their body is not fresh but tired. One of the reasons, this type of person is usually in a hurry in chewing their food. As a result, a lot of energy is taken up by the stomach to digest food during the night.
Any friends who spend a long enough time around wealthy people know, the more wealth they collect the darker the light of the body. This often happens because the accumulated wealth is often followed by the accumulation of tension (stress). In the story of many well-known celebrities in the West, many of them who end their lives with an overdose as medication.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Transforming Wound Into Light

Referring to the findings of Dr. Judith Orloff in The Empath's Survival Guide, one fifth of all the human population on earth are empath. A type of person who has many more seeds of empathy than the average person. The bad news, this type of human can easily be injured. The good news is that the empath are the people with the most potential which can be invited to illuminate the world.

Wounded childhood, quickly feeling sorry for others, as children they cry more often than the other children, their friends often called them too sensitive, the parents repeatedly advise that person to be much stronger to face life, often being touched to hear the suffering of the world. These are some signs of the empath.

Bright Old Age

There are increasing numbers of aging people who need much more attention. Not only is their body sleepless, their souls are also restless. To serve many spiritual seekers, it is worth contemplating to divide life into two chapters. Suppose we are blessed by the age of 80, the first 40 years are chapter one. The next 40 years are chapter two.
In the first chapter the body is still strong, the concentration is also still strong. For that reason, it is easy to understand that in the beginning of life humans are hungry to accumulate many things. Sadly, too many people whose bodies have entered the second chapter, but how they grow is still like the first chapter. The end is predictable, life collapsed bringing a lot of sadness and sorrow.

Dancing With The Shadow

Law and social norms especially, often make people hide and suppress emotions that are considered to be bad and negative. On the surface, these habits can indeed make a person look more civilized. But in the depth of the person, this is what keeps the soul away from being happy and healthy.
Quoting from well-known psychologist Carl G. Jung, emotions that are suppressed and hidden for a long time, will follow someone as a shadow everywhere. If it is not properly expressed, the last shadow will appear to the surface in the form of fear, sadness and sorrow. It is not impossible that it will grow into deep suffering.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Awakening The Inner Sparkle

"At the beginning it was joy, at the end it will be joy, in the middle there's only joy", that's the whisper of an old message. Sadly, very few of human beings bloom in joy. Here and there we can see human faces which have a lack of smile. Some were even taken to hospitals and psychiatric hospitals.

After listening to thousands of unhealthy friends in the meditation sessions, there was a secret revealed that the inner conversations of those painful friends were far from healthy. The borrowed outer faces are changing, but the inner core is the same: "I am a victim, and the others are badly wrong". That's the inner dialogues from day to day.