Friday, 18 August 2017

Seeing God's Smile

"As far as de jure (as it should be) is not the same as de facto (as it is), the soul will keep burning", that's the burning spirit that is connecting the burning souls everywhere. The sick friends in the meditation sessions, close family and close friends who suffer touchingly, they are all burnt by the last frame of mind. Some of them even died and fail to be saved.

The logical sequence is more or less like this. Every form of inner conflict makes a person's energy leak. Once the leaking energy occurs over a long time, someone can get sick easily. Moreover, the inner conflict makes one resemble dirty mud which invites the coming of worms, similar to the waste that invites the coming of flies.

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Most Touching Speech

One day when millions of people were ready to support Mahatma Gandhi to begin a huge demonstration against the British colony, Gandhiji sat quietly meditating for hours. After spending hours of meditating, the students asked: "Why should you meditate in such long time?". With a gentle smile, this simple man replied: "There should not be a drop of anger in doing kindness". And the results have been recorded clearly in history, the strongest army in the world in the year of 1940s must be withdrawn from India.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Beautiful Sunrise of Soul

Sleepless and restless, growing from problems into disasters, that is the characteristic of souls who grow from darkness into darkness. In the language of psychology, their unconsciousness is like dark space that has never been touched by the light. As a result, without asking and praying, their life grows from one darkness into another darkness.

Some of them have the most dangerous spiritual accidents like suicide, some have to fight hard against the disease that cannot be healed, not few of them who fall from an abyss of failure to another abyss of failure, some of them are exhausted in the old age because they have to take good care of children who are suffering from mental disorders.

Friday, 28 July 2017

The Most Touching Beauty

Some spiritual friends whose souls grow old understand that when they were young, they were attracted by skin deep beauty. Eyes, lips, nose, favorite shirt color, style of speech are some of the outer things on the surface that makes immature souls attracted to each other like metal pulled by a magnet.
And once souls grow rich after being deceived here and there, being fooled from one place to another, by then someone begins to force themselves to look into a far deeper beauty behind the skin. As has appeared many times in the meditation sessions, some friends who find their spouse in the meditation session bring simple but profound lessons.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Beautiful Flower Inside

 "Am I normal?", that's a client's question to a psychologist in the West. This question was very touching. Especially because behind this question is hidden doubts, fears and sadness. Deeper than that, there is self-rejection. A series of rejections that can grow into suffering and illness.

At different levels, all human beings have this type of doubt and fear. It is a long result of people's scolding, insults, humiliation and criticism for decades. To provide a gift of understanding, in developing countries education is something new, the awareness of psychological and spiritual sides of life are also new, even friends in the West who are touched by education much earlier also experience something like this.

In plain language, people are called normal if they are compatible with most of the norms of society. To the extent that society supports the growth of the soul within, a normal title like this is required. Sadly, many members of society are not sensitive enough to understand, that their words and deeds can easily hurt the others souls. As a result, the normal title of another person can be very harmful.

Friday, 14 July 2017

The True Friend

True friend is a very close family which is chosen by the heart, that's one of the old and sacred legacies of Tibetan elder. While biological families (parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts) are given without being able to choose, but the true friends are naturally chosen through a long selection process of the heart.

This message is very important especially in the midst of the rapid rise of divorce rates everywhere, the meaning of family getting narrower here and there (it includes only husband, wife and children), the number of people who have sympathy and empathy for others are decreasing everywhere, the presence of true friends is truly needed. Without the presence of a true friend in old age in particular, life would be like a dry and arid garden.

For that reason, it is important to open the eyes of sensitivity as soon as possible, to see the people around who have the potential to be transformed into true friends. The golden moments that often help in this regard are the cycles of times when life fall into a deep valley of shortcomings and limitations.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Loosening the Grip of Mind

Being gripped so fearfully by the mind, that is the main characteristic of dangerous souls. In the moment when they are sure that they are true, then they dare to destroy the lives of many people. In the time when they do not see any truth in the other's religion, then those people send explosive bombs. Whenever they think that they have no guilt, then they stop the marriage. These are stories of the journey of dangerous souls from time to time.

Spiritual seekers who are blessed to see the clear and the clean souls inside, will deeply understand that violence, anger and chaos are not the temptations of the devil. But it is the result of the strong grip of the mind. To put it more precisely, a mind that has not been touched by the beautiful light of meditation. A mind which is full of duality such as sad-glad, sorrow-joy and wrong-right.

Before the same spiritual chaos visits you, it's worth contemplating on the following three meditative materials, especially to make the grip of the mind loosen from time to time. The first material of contemplation, every time you meet people learn not to feel more important than the others. Either because of wealth, social status, fame or education. Whenever you meet people, throw away all forms of thoughts that make you feel higher than the others.

Like a spinning wheel, a higher person on this day will be lower on another day. Beautiful flowers at one time will become rubbish at other times. Beautiful faces at a young age will be wrinkled in old age. Either you like it or not, either you perform rituals or not, that is the law that works in nature.

The second material of contemplation, no matter how accurate your information is, no matter how clear your logic is, keep reminding yourself that logic and head are not everything. Borrowing the old heritage of philosophers, truth is like a broken mirror. And the fragments are scattered everywhere. Not only in your head and your religion, but also in the other people's heads and religions.

To be honest, when it comes to reality, people are like the three blind men who hold three different parts of the same elephant body. The blind person who holds the elephant's trunk will think that this is snake. The blind man who touches the elephant's feet suspect that this is a trunk. The blind man who leans on the body of the elephant will think that it is a wall.

While the strongly gripped mind will asks "who is right among the three?", a clear and clean mind will silently asks: "what kind of creatures in which in one part resemble a serpent, on the other part is like a trunk, while in another corner is shaped like a wall? ". This is exactly what is called thinking in synthesis. Not being paralyzed by analysis.

The third material of contemplation, in the West there is an old phrase like this: "learn to use someone else's shoes." To put it more simply, whenever you feel disturbed inside - either offended or humiliated - leave some space to feel the pain of the others. Especially because when you're hurt, the one who hurts you also has pain inside.

On the path of compassion, the disciples are recommended to always see the network of suffering behind the harming enemies. It can be a wounded childhood, immature parents, or a school which is full of problems. In short, the injuring person does not stand alone. They are closer to "victims" of violence rather than an actor of violence.

After deeply embodying these three materials of contemplation, slowly but surely the grip of the mind will relax from time to time. The good signs are simple, the lips are no longer easily speaking the negative sides of the others. Emotion is no longer easily burned by harsh words. And the mind begins to be able to rest in the silent space between the two ideas. With such a soul garden inside, naturally a person will grow into a beautiful soul.

Author: Guruji Gede Prama.
Photo Courtesy: Twitter @Drc_19.
Proofread By: Kirsty Spence.