Friday, 16 March 2018

Planting The Seeds of a Happy Family

All big trees start from small seeds. Likewise, threatening bombs are also assembled from small materials. In the same way, family disasters called divorce also come from the small seeds of unhappiness. Long before this type of catastrophe occurs, early “small” signs had appeared many times.
A number of Western researchers in the field of divorce found how the so-called “small” things in the family can grow into a big disaster that spoils the family. Here are seven “little” things that can grow into a big disaster in the family. First of all, excessive addiction to social media in particular, making many couples lose eye contact.

Soul Smiles Beautifully

As soon as the five-day compassion day celebrations were completed on March 2nd 2018, it was very clear that the very close friends in the Compassion family were very exhausted, but their souls smiled in such a beautiful way. Their bodies were certainly tired, especially because they worked all out from morning, noon, afternoon until evening.
It is fully understandable, thousands of teenagers, adults and elderly have been served for five days. The most interesting thing in the kindergarten’s sessions in particular, whenever the children were asked: “Who is the strongest creature on earth?”. The kindergarten children simultaneously replied: “Mama and Papa”. The kindergarten children are intentionally directed to think like this, not only to help them growing respectfully, but also to help the family grow into a beautiful garden of souls.

Friday, 23 February 2018

The Beautiful City That Makes You Happy

In the history of modern cities, it has been noted, that for too long humans "happiness center" is located too far from their family. Some people like the night world, some love to go to the mall, some became workaholics spending so much time at the office and also at social organizations. The results have been noted through; suicide rates, divorce rates, drug victims and penitentiary residents which are all increasing.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Campuhan Deep within

In places where the river kissed the beach beautifully, or two rivers merge into one, the elders of Bali gave the name of the place Campuhan. Many shrines have been established there. Of course there is a beautiful spiritual message hidden there.
The river is a symbol of the small and selfish self. The self who likes to be called better than this or that. At the same time it is the part of the self which is easy to get injured because of small reasons. And the ocean is the symbol of the Supreme and Great Self. A place where all things are processed into a beautiful blessing.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Making Wife Beautiful

 Here and there, there is a rising number of divorces, here and there. there are rising suicide rates, here and there the inhabitants of mental hospitals are also rising. And it is not right to criticize this or that, but an invitation to do something to make our current rebirth more useful and meaningful.

And one of the social units in the community that has the potential to be invited to cool the violence is family. Especially because the cool family has the potential to make the community cool as well. Moreover, family is similar to the port for ships, similar to airports for aircrafts. A cool place where deficiencies can be processed into materials of growth.

Referring to a number of works on the psychology of relationships, the psychological sides of the husband-wife relationship, it is important to recognize two instincts. Firstly, is the mother instinct (an instinct that is inherently owned by any mother) that settles in each wife. Secondly is the heroic instinct (instinct of heroism) which is naturally stored in each husband.

Friday, 2 February 2018

High Quality No

"You can be a good person and say no at the same time", that is one of the old messages. Especially in this day and age, without the courage to say no, even many holy souls fall. It sounds impolite to put an example in this case. If we mention names, it's even less beautiful spiritually.

As material of contemplation, there is low quality of no, there is also high quality of no. If someone is offered drugs for example, then sharing the bad sides of people who sell drugs everywhere with anger and hatred, that's one example of a low quality no. It is not only dangerous to the person who sells drugs, but also can create danger to the one who shared the story.

Friday, 26 January 2018

The Cute Butterfly

In the time when the morning appears the night disappears, that is one of God's faces as the law. The same thing happens to the growth of the human soul. When the children begin to recognize the importance of cleverness at school, innocence begins to be replaced by an irritable mind.

As we all know, in childhood the mind is not separated by the walls like bad-good, low-high, wrong-right. Everything is well-connected in wholeness. That is why children feel safe, comfortable, peaceful in the middle of nature. They have an abundance of energy.

Pursuing butterflies is one of wonderful memories for children. Certainly not to be caught. Not to be mocked. But there is a beautiful feeling inside while chasing after a butterfly that flew around. It is not the result that counts, but the process and the journey which is full of smiles and happiness.