Thursday, 12 October 2017

White Dove of Peace

After the two Japanese cities were destroyed by bomb attacks decades ago, the cold war between the two superpowers ended tens of years ago, many people thought that the era of mass destructive weapons would pass. Some observers agreed, the war using weapons will be replaced with digital war. And the battlefield is the internet.

But the nuclear crisis that happen in North Korea and Iran which dominates world news in October 2017 is like turning the history back. Human fear of nuclear weapons reappears. That is why the Nobel peace prize committee in 2017 awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to anti-nuclear activists.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Rainbow at The Peak of Mount Agung

The quality of the net is visible in the middle of the sea. The quality of the hoe is visible in the midst of the hardness of the fields. In the same way, the spiritual attainment of a society can be seen clearly when disaster happens. If this is the measurement, the shadow of disaster caused by Mount Agung in September 2017 opened many secrets about the spiritual attainment of the Balinese.

As reported widely, the Balinese not only accept human refugees, even countless pets are welcome. A number of government officials are very careful not to contaminate the sacred messages with personal interests. And one thing that made many friends deeply touched, there was a voice of the sacred bell (kulkul) in Puri Klungkung (palace) even though no one tried to ring it.

Friday, 29 September 2017

The Whisper of Peace from Agung Mountain

A few days after the government stepped up the status of Mount Agung to be alert, the website cited the Earth Observatory website, sharing the story about the worldwide impact of the great eruption of Mount Agung that occurred in March 1963. Referring to the records of researchers from the University of Iowa named James Hansen, it turned out there was a very soothing message behind the great explosion of Mount Agung more than half a century ago.

Friday, 22 September 2017

The Luminous Body

Whenever meeting those spiritual friends who need deep help in the meditation sessions, it is very clear that their body has a lack of light. It's not only the aura which has a lack of light, but also their skin, their eyes, their stories, they are all far from light. Similar to the dirty shrubs that are prone to invite snakes, the human body which has a lack of light is also prone to invite the coming of dangerous temptations.

In fact, as has been long written in the sacred book, human body is one of the most radiant bodies in this realm. A very old manuscript found in the jungles of Peru, over 2,600 years old, even explicitly mentioned that the human body is the peak of all evolution. For that reason, it is understandable when all Buddhas of the past attained perfect enlightenment when they have a human body.

Friday, 15 September 2017

The Light of Happy Countries

Following Bhutan's heroic steps in 1972 which changed the measurement of a country's success not only in terms of the goods produced but also in terms of the happiness generated, some world institutions such as the UN began to measure the happiness index of many countries. Using the last index, it turns out that not all surfaces of the earth are dark. Some of the earth's surfaces are still full of touching lights.

Japan is a country marked by many old people who are not only healthy in body but also strong in soul. In the last rising sun country, they often shared a message like this: "Pay close attention to anything that enters the mouth". On the island of Okinawa Japan which is known as the old heritage of a healthy way of eating. Learn to stop eating when the stomach is 80 percent full. Wait a few tens of minutes, if you still feel hungry, you may ask for more food. Usually, after a few tens of minutes, the stomach often gives the sign of having enough.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Ocean of Miracles

The most interesting thing about the "Smileful Meditation" session that just ended on 3rd September 2017, is a number of meditation participants brought their children with special needs. As an example, a western woman who has an autistic daughter was beautifully served by the spiritual family of Compassion for several days.

It was a wonderful spiritual experience actually. Especially because we do not only lessen the burden of others for a few days, but we also meet the honest mirror that we keep sharing a smile in the midst of trials, temptations and exhaustion. A series of mirrors that made us very happy.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Long And Fulfilling Life

"A long and fulfilling life is possible," that's the conclusion of one of the rich and glowing men in the West named Denis Waitley. Being old, rich, happy is the dream of so many people. But like climbing a mountain, not everyone is blessed to get to the top. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with preparing the stamina and the path to get there.

There are various causes behind human failure to reach the top. First, a few people run out of energy even when they are young. Then stop trying. Second, unsuccessful people are unable to see the direction and vision of the future to be addressed. Even if there is a direction that is visible, intermittently they can easily change the direction. As a result, they start the journey from square one again. Third, excessive competition makes many people feel alienated in their own body. This makes them fail to reach the top.